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LWC Utils with James Hou | Episode 97


James Hou is a Salesforce Technical Architect at Google. Today I’m talking with him about his long history with JavaScript and Lightning Web Components. Specifically, we’re discussing a repo he has out there called LWC Utils.

In his early years, James started learning object-oriented programming and spent a lot of his time poring over Help Docs and Google search results. He is now no stranger to complex solutions and specific microservices. Tune in to learn from his incredible expertise and the great utility code he has created to help working with LWC.

Show Highlights:

How James transitioned from reading Help Docs to working for Google.
How he learned jQuery.
How he left Visualforce and picked up Aura.
What inspired him to start learning lightning components.
The gap between lightning message servers and full state management libraries.
What full state management libraries offer application layers.
The problems James is trying to fix with LWC Utils.
How the SOQL data table component works.
The other data tables James is working on.
What makes a good leader.

James on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameshou/
LWC Utils on Github: https://github.com/tsalb/lwc-utils/
Presentation on Leadership: https://tsalb.github.io/ncd/leadership-influence-2019/slides.pdf

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