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Making a New Friend: Virtual vs. JSON

Making a New Friend: Virtual vs. JSON
Heather McCue

We all have favorites. Trustworthy tools and techniques that have proven themselves time and again. From our most-used custom functions to the standards we’ve adopted, it can be difficult to let go of a good friend. Requirements and needs evolve, and so must we. This session shares the tale of how the reign of a long-trusted technique—the virtual list, which dutifully met all the original requirements—came to an end. It was bested by a new best friend after ultimately failing to meet the long-term needs. Enter JSON, stage right.

0:08 – Introduction
3:16 – Introducing My Good Friend: Virtual List the Magician
8:27 – Case Study – ISS State Billing & Virtual List
16:17 – Introducing My New Friend: JSON (a Superhero; evolving our mindset and toolset)
27:26 – Why Virtual List Failed – Letting Go of a Good Friend
30:42 – Replacing Virtual List with JSON – Re-architecting for a better long-term solution
40:28 – More JSON and Virtual List – Make new friends, but keep the old

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