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Mandelbrot PBX: FileMaker and the Twilio Programmable Voice API by Sully

With the pandemic making work from home the norm, most traditional voice communication systems come up short. Many FileMaker businesses are looking for ways to integrate voice service into their solutions and for those of us who love code, Twilio makes that much easier. Twilio’s Programmable Voice API allows developers to build voice functionality into our applications without having to learn how the publicly switched telephone network is wired. By using webhooks, Insert from URL script steps and a well planned relationship graph, we developers can help our users take advantage of the best voice communications tools available without leaving FileMaker.

CAFDA regular Dave “Sully” Sullivan (Mandelbrot LLC) will be leading the discussion by introducing the Twilio Programmable Voice API and a newly released FileMaker addon, Mandelbrot’s Public Branch Exchange (aka “PBX”). Using PBX as a demo file, Sully will show just a few of the ways that Twilio and FileMaker can be integrated to help your users get the most out of their FileMaker solutions.

Some of the demonstrations Sully has lined up for CAFDA:

* Avoid robocalls on your business lines
* Register a VOIP phone to work with Twilio
* Route inbound calls to several destinations
* Use FileMaker records to enhance your Caller ID
* Create an inbound call queue for your call center
* Share a phone line with a coworker in another state
* Use business caller ID instead of your personal number
* Create an IVR phone tree (dial 1 for sales, 2 for service)
* Join a conference call as a coach (only one participant can hear you)
* Use artificial intelligence to keep calls from going directly to voicemail

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