Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Master Lightning Web Components in 8 Easy Steps (1)

Lightning Web Components are a new development platform for Salesforce. This session will present 8 easy steps to become a master in Lightning Web Components. We will showcase all 8 steps, one by one with examples. From this session, you will take home new learnings, interesting facts, and development patterns. We will explain how to reduce development time with LWC’s and live examples. These 8 easy steps are enough to work on an LWC project end to end. You will see some live LWC projects which have utilized these basic steps. Here are the steps: 1) Design – Design components in such a way that they can be reused at any given time. 2) Data Retrieval – Various ways to retrieve data. 3) Display Data on the UI – Display data, including data tables, etc. 4) DML Operations ? Handling of DML operations and callbacks. 5) Component Communication – Communication between the components, example event, etc. 6) Navigation – How to navigate from one component to other or screens. 7) Notifications Popup/Loaders – Success/Failures/Warning… notifications, also loaders. 8) CSS/Images – How to apply custom CSS and/or images on LWC Components. We hope to see you all and enjoy the session.



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