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Our company Monkeybread Software, legally Christian Schmitz Software GmbH, has been named a Claris Partner Connect: Find a Claris Partner.

Earlier this year Claris Inc. introduced their Claris Connect service and made a series of webinars to learn inform all partners about it. In one of the webinars they defined the challenge that interested partners can be come a Connect partner by fulfilling a few things. For us my co-worker Stefanie Juchmes made this for us.

Congratulations to Stefanie for doing this. And doing this in English is even more difficult for a non-native English speaker.

We look forward for Claris Connect starting in Europe with local servers and to get the details on how to integrate other services there, so maybe we can create a few for our clients.

PS: Looks like we are the first to do this in Germany.

16 06 20 – 09:13

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