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MirrorSync 2.2 released

MirrorSync 2.2 (7/28/2014)

  • Can now generate new empty tables in FileMaker Server when syncing with SQL databases
  • Can now generate new empty tables in SQL databases to match FileMaker schema
  • Now supports multi-spoke syncing, so it’s possible to sync many database servers together
  • Now optionally supports not defining compound keys as foreign keys (ie. if they point to a table that is not being mapped)
  • Better handling of NOT NULL fields when syncing FileMaker Server with SQL databases
  • Auto-detects foreign keys in MySQL when using InnoDB tables and foreign key constraints
  • Auto-detects creation timestamps in MySQL
  • When creating new creation timestamps and modification timestamps in SQL databases, now has an option to batch-create them for all tables
  • Smoother behavior of drag and drop when mapping fields and tables
  • Can optionally specify SQL command to get next primary key (ie. trigger a stored procedure)

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