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Modern DevOps: Making the Switch

Modern DevOps: Making the Switch
Mislav Kos
Soliant Consulting, Inc.

Does your team make development changes directly in a production environment? Or do they use a development environment but then deploy new versions by painstakingly recreating code changes in production? Have you wanted to adopt a methodical approach to developing, testing, and deploying your app but are unsure of how to make the switch?This session will help professionalize your DevOps by showing you how to: use Agile tools like Jira to organize your develop-test-deploy cycles, create deployment plans and checklists to reduce stress and eliminate errors, and take advantage of tools like the FileMaker Data Migration Tool to automate deployments. Incorporating these practices will make your deployments faster and more frequent and help you attain shorter release cycles.

0:08 – Introduction
1:02 – DevOps: A Brief Overview
2:55 – Revision Control
8:35 – Automated Testing
12:58 – Automated Deployment
17:59 – DevOps Practices
21:12 – Agile Planning
26:02 – Data Migration Tool
29:15 – Deployment Checklist

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