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Multitenancy Security Setup – Filemaker – FileMaker Today

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Crafting a complex security setup within FileMaker can be a bit daunting. Possibly, because of how you interact with and establish security within FileMaker. Despite what may seem obvious, it isn’t just about what FileMaker’s default security provides, but how you integrate the controls which you have access too. When solution security setup and testing is the after thought, there’s a lot of potential for accidental holes in the security model. However, if you take the upfront steps of setting things up from the beginning, the whole problem is a much easier nut to crack.

This video and the companion technique file will walk you through the process of establishing your security model. It offers some useful tips and tricks for working with FileMaker’s cumbersome security dialogs and helps you test your security in a much more fluid way.

If you’ve felt like your solution was lacking in security and you knew there was more to take advantage of, then you’ll certainly learn a few more things in this video. If you’ve never even worried about setting up security on your FileMaker solution then make sure to watch this video below…

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