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Must Have FileMaker Custom Functions: Platforms and Devices

This FileMaker training video covers a few of our favorite Custom Functions with regards to computer platforms and devices.

This is Part 1 in a series. Links to the other videos are below.
Custom Functions for Platforms and Devices:
Custom Functions for Text Cleanup:
Custom Functions for Fields and Parameters:
Custom Functions for Dates and Time:
Custom Functions for Random Fun:

Whether you are familiar with Custom Functions or not, these should save you some time and frustration when developing a solution for multiple platforms.

Generally speaking, Custom Functions are a way to take something complex, repetitive, or confusing, and replace it with one simple function call.

Today, most solutions require design for multi-platform and multi-device use. FileMaker does provide several functions to assist in determining the correct choice. However, Custom Functions allow us to customize those even more so that our development flow and troubleshooting becomes even easier and more intuitive.

Sometimes the simplest things can make the world of difference when creating or debugging your solution.

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for these specific Custom Functions, this tutorial video may give you ideas of other places in your solution that can be simplified.

FileMaker Functions utilized in these conversions:
Get ( Device )
Get ( SystemPlatform )
Get ( ApplicationVersion )
PatternCount ( )
Case ( )

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