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New! FileMaker 13 Server – Log Viewer for Apache logs – FileMaker Today

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So, we have released a Virtual Host guide and tool for FileMaker Server 13 and we have released a FileMaker Server Admin tool to help you work better with FileMaker Server 13. And now, yet another tool is released !

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So we love our platform and there is a lot of new good stuff. With the changes in FileMaker Server, the webserver part is now a part of the FileMaker server. So you are developing your solutions and this could include CWP solutions, but need to debug errors and access. So, the FileMaker Server admin has a great log tool for viewing events that happens for server access, database server and web publishing component. But the webserver is also writing logs and sometimes you need to look at the these logs in order to track down issues.

The way to do that, is to go to the server and open these logfiles.

But what if you could view them from you machine, whithout having to go to the server ?

Well, here is a tool for you !


The FMS13 LogViewer is a FileMaker solution, that you upload to your FileMaker Server 13. It is fairly simple and works by asking the server to list all the logfiles in the web server log folder of FMS13. By selecting a logfile from the list, this solution reads the content from the logfile and display it in a webviewer, which has embedded some special code, that gives you the ability to filter the log lines in the logfile selected.

This tool works on a standard installation of FileMaker Server 13 on Mac OS X server 10.8 or 10.9 There is also a bonus feature, which allows you to ask the server to restart the Apache server gracefully.


It is free to use AS-IS without warrenties.

Please note that this tool is not officially supported or endorsed by FMI.


Any feedback is highly appreaciated.


You can download the tool here:

Remember to read the README file in this zip package.


About DataManix –

We are a FileMaker development and consulting company that develop high-end solutions for a wide range of customers in sizes from 2 employees to 120k+ employees in many different branches.

The founder and author of this tool, Claus Lavendt, has developed FileMaker solutions for 2 decades. He has also been speaking at numerous conferences and events and is also hosting a session at this years FileMaker DevCon in San Antonio.


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