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NEW! Fireside FileMaker Podcast are Now Streaming

FMT NewsWire – Chino Hills, Calif., July 29, 2019 — John Mark Osborne and Michael Rocharde would like to invite you to join them at the Fireside FileMaker podcast ( or for a series of interesting and, they hope, thought-provoking conversations about everything FileMaker™ from two passionate developers with a total of almost 60 years developing FileMaker solutions.

“Michael and I have created FileMaker example files, written blogs, recorded videos, released example files, presented in public and even published books but we have never had the opportunity to record informal chats about FileMaker, much like you would with a FileMaker colleague. We are excited that this medium will allow us to explore FileMaker in a way we’ve never ventured previously”, says John Mark Osborne.

The first 4 episodes are available on iTunes or at the web site:

Episode 1 – Native FileMaker Technologies

Episode 2 – The Data Separation Model

Episode 3 – FileMaker & Excel

Episode 4 – How to Become a Professional FileMaker Developer

Our philosophy behind these chats is to make you feel like you’re sitting right next to us around a campfire listening to our conversation. It’s casual, sometimes funny but always informative and thought provoking in a way we couldn’t be in a book, blog article, video or example file. Come join us at Fireside FileMaker, listen to an episode and give us your feedback.

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