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NEW From LiveCode – FileMaker to Android – Pre Release Program

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There have been 1000’s of us waiting for this for a long time! It’s finally here from our friends at LiveCode & .com Solutions!

This exciting new tool lets you take an existing FileMaker layout, run it through the exporter, adjust the output to be pixel perfect, and deploy to Android. For example take a FileMaker solution designed for iOS, and convert it to become a native app that runs on Android. Presto, your iOS app is now a native Android app. And still talking to FileMaker.

Your native Android app solution will allow you to connect and share data from the cloud whenever your user is online, but also, critically, you can save your data when offline, and sync it with the server database when an internet connection is available again. Ideal for remote locations, sites without reliable internet, apps that are used on the go where internet may drop in and out… in fact the robust, modern solution your users need.

Keep in mind this tool is in Pre Release Stage and you can be part of the build!

Visit the LiveCode for Android Pre Release Program Now!


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