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New Get Sensor Function – FileMaker Go 17

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In this video, we’re going to focus on the new FileMaker Go 17 Get Sensor function. This new mobile function allows developers to tap directly into the iOS device sensor information, including battery, location, speed, acceleration, air pressure, step counts, and more.

We take a deep dive into the GetSensor function and compare it to the Location and LocationValues functionality and discuss how this new function extends the functionality of these existing functions to a whole new level.

We also do a little programming. Tip: When programming, you need to make sure you query for what functions available are based upon the age/version of the iPad being used.

Here at Productive Computing, we’re aiming to bring more visibility to the FileMaker platform by way of these videos and are excited to share with the community these great features from our broad perspective and many years of first-hand experience with the FileMaker platform.

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