The ALL New Jarvis 5.0 runs on iOS devices using FileMaker Go, and other mobile devices in a web browser.

Finding a complete CRM and project management solution for your company can be quite the challenge when most solutions are too expensive, too hard to use, and don’t meet all your company requirements. Often, they’re slow, clunky and require your company’s adaptation to them. Imagine if there was a solution that navigated through your projects just like the way you do your business. We have created a solution that does just that, created with flexibility. Jarvis CRM can merge easily with your company’s processes. Jarvis CRM is a full-featured FileMaker® 16, easy-to-use, multi-user cross platform that is accessible from your desktop, mobile device and web browser.

Jarvis is an award-winning, beautifully designed, intuitive business solution that encompasses everything you need to streamline your business process and flexible enough to do business the way you want to. Jarvis was designed with you in mind. Easy and simple to use, Jarvis CRM and project management software provides user security groups and includes all the common features needed in a business solution.

What Exactly Makes Jarvis CRM the Perfect Starter Solution?

Its modular interface allows you to securely set up users and groups based on their roles while offering users a team dashboard that keeps everyone productive. Users can see information, like tasks and milestones, and enter time by project and task, or expense and mileage entry.

Jarvis offers seamless office productivity with standard modules such as leads, customers, and vendors. It will help you store important forms like W-9’s and contracts while being robust enough to create and manage marketing campaigns and email statistics, with integration for MailChimp®. Additionally, our business and project management modules include quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, and payments. Jarvis can even take payments for multiple invoices or multiple payments on just one single invoice, simplifying billing.

With Jarvis, there’s no need to switch between applications or spend time in meetings to learn about project progress. With the projects module inside the CRM, you are always updated. Jarvis allows multiple users to collaborate and feed information into the database reducing miscommunication.

You can also create projects, tasks, and resources using a powerful color coding calendar with a fully interactive Gantt chart. To ensure resourcing of work is successful, you can compare team member schedules with ease for planning which can be synced with Outlook or iCal.

Finally, you can manage products, services, and inventory. Monitoring products and services for reorder becomes simple with Jarvis containing a minimum and max stock level feature. Jarvis allows for tracking of product cost and price history among multiple vendors as well as quick adjustment inventory discrepancies.

Why Does Jarvis Work for Your Business?

Jarvis is a simple way to get your business on track. With the modules described above, adapting Jarvis to your business is completely fluid. You may even solve problems you didn’t expect with integrating Jarvis into your company. For example, your business may generate lots of files from lots of locations, and having those files attached in one place keeps everyone up to date. Going electronic also helps with accountability. With a custom solution that you can modify to your needs, you can decide how the information gets logged. Time and date-stamped notes and actions allow you to self-manage and manage others. Finally, Jarvis electronic storage gives users the ability to attach documents of any format for quick access to files and to keeps you organized.

Jarvis is the Future

Jarvis is the future of software development and design. We intend to lead the industry and bring only the best to this amazing solution. Jarvis is sold completely unlocked and all modules are built leaving room for customization and growth. Jarvis offers consistent standardized naming conventions, a clean relationship graph, modular scripting for quick development and ease of integration, updated with FileMaker 16 functions. Additionally, Jarvis offers an informative administration and system preferences setting to manage the user’s experience.

The downside to just getting any old CRM system is that it’s built around someone else’s process. If you want to use it, you need to re-learn the business. With Jarvis, a custom CRM solution, you put your business in control. And if your business is running smoothly, it becomes a way to simply perfect the processes you’ve created with years of experience, trial and error.

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