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Linear Blue’s SyncServer Pro (SSP) is the next evolution of SyncDeK. Backed by over 15 years experience building sophisticated data solutions for a host of Fortune 100 companies, SSP has completely reimagined how synchronization solutions are setup, deployed and managed. SyncServer Pro’s ( new feature set provides a simplified interface, improved audit logging, and new tools to make disaster recovery easy.

With this new release of SyncServer Pro, there is a FREE version offering the capability of a re-deployment assistant to roll live data into your offline development version.

Because the brand-new SyncServer Pro has been designed to meet both the needs of small businesses and large enterprises, the functionality built-in to it is purposely wide-ranging. Users of the product can look forward to the following features:

  • Wizard-based UI for settings creation and editing: Just by answering simple questions about project goals, a user can trigger one of several set-up assistants depending on the complexity of the project, making it ideal for all knowledge levels.

  • Sophisticated multi-database server synchronization for hot failover, multi-site syncing and data integration with External SQL database systems like MySQL, MS-SQL and Oracle

  • Detailed audit logging features for compliance and data protection

  • Near real-time local or remote backup of change data: Ability to control the synchronization timing periods in seconds.

  • Offline development and Redeployment Assistant: Enables off line development with the ability to roll live data forward in to the new version.

Here are some improvements that have been made to the new SyncServer Pro:

  • Improved Mirror (Cache) database management

  • Enhanced built in help

  • Simplified Special Publishing feature

  • Dashboard management for all servers

  • Instant push-based deployment of settings to all servers

With an uncomplicated 3-Tier pricing plan, SyncServer Pro offers its customers the ability to increase the level of related functionality and number of servers as needed. Tier 1 is completely FREE of charge while Tiers 2 and 3 range in price from $1250 to $2850+ respectively.

At any price point, SyncServer Pro ( delivers a powerful set of functionality. Users of this brand-new data synchronization engine can guarantee up-to-the-minute 100% data protection for their customers and their business. The end result is a best in class solution when it comes to managing and protecting the most valuable asset to any business, its data.

About Linear Blue 

Since 2000, Linear Blue ( has specialized in providing innovative and award-winning custom web and database solutions designed to exceed our clients’ business goals. As a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Member for over fifteen years, Linear Blue has built a reputation as one of the foremost FileMaker development companies. Linear Blue is a global business partner with offices in San Francisco, London and Hong Kong.

Media Contact: 

Jason Erickson

Phone: 510-872-8156

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