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One FileMaker Client… activates a script on another FIleMaker client w/Demo File – FileMaker Today

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This is video tutorial that makes you go WOW give me more…Having One Client… activate a script on another client | FileMaker 14 Training…FileMaker does not natively contain this ability on its own… and normally it would take a Plugin… to get the ability to have one client start a script… on another client. BUT… this amazing use of the OnRecordLoad script trigger opens the door to endless possibilities, as you can perform scripts on a client without a Plugin. It’s a bit of a hack… but it works… and it’s pretty amazing.

Thanks to ClickWorks, in Belgium, for building a free demo file called Client to Client that allows you to message another client from within FileMaker! Watch the video for a quick brain dump!

Download the FileMaker Pro 14 & FileMaker 14 for Mobile Devices Training Videos at

To download the ClickWorks’ Client to Client file:…

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