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One Use Loop Technique | FileMaker Videos

One Use Loop Technique

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  1. Dr John Pollard says

    I believe you but I don't get why that's so amazing. You have a loop, you can exit the loop, and it runs the next line of code. That's what scripts do anyway, run the next script. Not sure what I'm missing.

  2. Mark Rubenstein says


    You're right, that's what loops do… but that's not what IF statements do. 🙂

    It took me a moment to get it, but it's different. This is a loop that is never intended to loop!

    Imagine you want to bail out of an IF statement if one its conditions is true. You can't because there is no Exit IF command.

    So you put the whole thing inside a Loop and End Loop, but you never increment the loop.
    You just put an Exit Loop If 1 at the point you want to bail out if the result is true.

    Just make sure you have one at the end of the loop in any case!


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