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Optimize Your FileMaker App – Tips for Testing with a Lousy Network

We use this tool, Network Link Conditioner, regularly in our FileMaker development to help us test the speed of a FileMaker app. As developers, we often have ideal systems and network conditions when working on a hosted FileMaker file. This often makes it hard for us to truly gauge what the users’ experience will be when accessing the file from various remote locations.

Using the Network Link Conditioner, we can test the speed of a FileMaker app for opening scripts, accessing various layouts, calculations, summary fields, and more by selecting various network options. The preset options include 3G, DSL, LTE, and Wi-Fi and you can create your own network profile.

The Network Link Condition tool is a component of X Code available through the Apple Developer program (see Apple Developer Tools):

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  1. Productive Computing says

    I recently mentioned this tool in another video and the Fireside FileMaker podcast and thought it would be good to share more details. Our team uses this tool regularly to spoof network conditions and we find it very helpful when working with client's solutions.

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