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Paradigm Shifts in FileMaker Development

This short video explains the term ‘paradigm shift’ and then illustrates two ways that NautilusFM shifts the paradigm in developing with FileMaker. Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean it’s the best or only way to do something!

NautilusFM is a new development framework for FileMaker where everything happens on a single screen. The fundamental principle of it is that “if you never leave home, you can’t ever get lost.” It has been released under an Open Source license (BSD) to the community and has already been downloaded in 25 countries.

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  1. Miguel Ángel Fernández says

    Hi, nice video. I myself experienced a paradign shift with FileMaker Pro 7. The anchor and buoy thing you know. Presently I use the Selector > Connector pattern along with the Master/Detail interface approach.

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