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Phone Calls From FileMaker – FileMaker Today

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Here iis the latest from a site you should bookmark ““. Sam and his crew have put together a really nice and growing resource that all of us here at FMT recommend it for FileMaker users of any level…thanks Sam, we love your site… Making a phone call has been compatible with FileMaker Go since FileMaker Pro 6.0 using the script step ‘Dial Phone’. This script step dials the phone number thats inputted into the step. It is compatible with iOS and Windows. However it is not compatible with Macs.

But now there is a way to make phone calls from FileMaker on your Mac with a very simple script step!

Not long ago Apple released a feature called ‘Continuity’ for Macs, iPads and iPhones. This feature lets you seamlessly move between your iOS devices and your Mac, or use them together.

Continuity features include Handoff, iPhone Cellular Calls, SMS, and Instant Hotspot. For example, you can start an email or document on your iPhone and pick up where you left off on your iPad. Or you can use your iPad or Mac to make and receive phone calls through your iPhone.

Once you enable this feature, making calls from your Mac is a breeze! And in turn, calls from FileMaker become very easy too! You just need to enable the right settings.

Please Note:

  • The Mac that clicks the button and the iPhone that makes the call must be signed into the same iCloud account for Continuity to work

  • These devices must be on the same WiFi network

  • This method is only necessary for Macs, as there are already ways to achieve this with Windows and iPhone

On Your Mac

Open FaceTime and then go to FaceTime > Preferences and make sure that ‘Calls From iPhone’ is enabled.


On Your iPhone

Go to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices and make sure that this feature is enabled. Also check that your Mac is enabled from the list.


Now you can successfully make phone calls from your Mac, on your iPhone!

In FileMaker

Now you need to make a script step in your FileMaker solution to process the phone call. You can use a URL to do this.

Your script should consist of the ‘Open URL’ step with the format tel://PhoneNumber.

The calculation should look something like this:

“tel://“ & PhoneNumber

Where PhoneNumber is the name of the field in which your phone number is stored.

Once the script is run you should see a dialog box similar to the one below.


Click on Call to continue.

Now you’re done! You can successfully make calls from FileMaker!


To make a generic script that can be used anywhere in your FileMaker solutions you can use Script Parameters. Use the script parameter to store the phone number. This prevents multiple scripts that all essentially do the same thing!

Download the example file to see this method in action!

Download “Phone Dialer – Downloaded 10 times – 606 kB

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