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Programming for Power Users (Beginner 004)

Programming for Power Users
Beginner Track 004

Session Speaker: Chad Adams | Skeleton Key

Session Description

FileMaker gives you a lot for free, with a variety of built-in functions for automation of common tasks and complex calculations. Numerous steps are available for navigation, conditional execution of script steps, editing records, and other utilities.

In this session we will look at how developers can utilize the built-in features of FileMaker. We’ll look at how saved finds, quick charts, table view and many other FileMaker features can be used to give power users extra insight into their data.

Recommended Background
No prerequisites.

Session Objectives
Power users defined
Review of built-in FileMaker features
Methods for incorporating built-in features without opening the whole system
How presentation/positioning of these features builds value for your clients and FileMaker, Inc.

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