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Property Management Solutions: Build your own database FREE!

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NO MONTHLY FEES?!?!? This channel shows you how to build your own solutions with FileMaker!
And the BEST part is you own your solution! This is a brand new series for the small business owner or individual that may have rental properties and need a solution to track monthly payments, repairs, and renter information! This solution ties directly into household needs and basic accounting for incomes and expenses – although it will focus directly on the problems and solutions surrounding property management.
Filemaker is a scripting program that allows users to easily and efficiently write/create custom solutions and databases that business owners, sales representatives, professionals and homemakers alike can use to compile and track information at a glance. Business Owners value the resource for inventory, finances, security and privacy, while homemakers easily track expenses and manage budgets. This series focuses on Small Business and creating solutions for all your business needs. Please follow me through the series and learn to build your very own Digital Register with an endless appetite for function and professionalization.

When completed – viewers will be able to purchase the final solution for $150.00 USD

Donations to help me continue providing this series are very much welcome:

I thank you for watching and hope the series can help you build a great business solution!

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