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Pub/Sub API with Emmett Chen-Ran | Episode 93

Pub/Sub API with Emmett Chen-Ran
Emmett Chen-Ran is an Associate Product Manager here at Salesforce. Today I’m sitting down to talk with him about the upcoming Pub/Sub API. We also discuss what will be required from an infrastructure perspective to make it work and work without breaking things.

The Pub/Sub API is a brand new API for developers to allow them to do bidirectional streaming events. Based on gRPC, it offers new features and has an updated messaging protocol from traditional clients like CometD. Currently in pilot, tune in to find out how you can leverage this API for your solutions.

Show Highlights:

What drew Emmett to pursue the people-centric side of development.
How the Associate Product Management program works.
What Apache Kafka is and how Salesforce is leveraging it.
Why we’re expanding the infrastructure on Salesforce’s Streaming API.
How to move tons of events to a new runtime without a failure.
What the Pub/Sub API is and the benefits it brings.
Why gRPC is more efficient for developers.
How the Pub/Sub API works with and complements CometD.
Resources to help you learn about and start using this new API.

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