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Push Notifications for FileMaker with PushFM – FileMaker Today

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Meet the first service of remote notification for FileMaker…Inform your users about new event, to submit the new setting, install a remote database or create a new calendar event. Send push notifications to remote FileMaker users. The message will be opened directly in FileMaker Go. You can even specify the database and the name of the script that will process the notification.


Simple integration

You do not need any additional components, simply add one line of code in the script to send remote notifications. “Insert from URL” command can be used from FileMaker Pro/Advances, FileMaker Server, WebDirect and even from Runtime.

Wake the remote device

Even if the device is asleep and FileMaker Go is not running, PushFM will wake the remote device and inform a new event. Swiping notification on the lock screen or choosing it in Notification Center will automatically start corresponding database in FileMaker Go and run script, that will process notification data.

Security settings

PushFM can save the login and password to open the database. These settings can be locked from editing. Access credentials can also be set remotely via the hidden part of a push notification, so a remote user may not even know it. New iPhones and iPads with Touch ID could have additional protection, that will allow to open database via fingerprint authorization.

Different sounds

Different notification sounds help to distinguish between different types of events. For example more important notifications, that require urgent actions could have alarm sound.


Emoji can be used in the body of messages, making them more informative.

FileMaker routing

Each notification can specify unique settings for opening different databases and different layouts, and even a specific record.

Two factor authentication

You can easily arrange to send a unique code to authenticate the user by providing two-factor authentication.

Send calendar event

Send calendar event to a remote user. The event appears in Calendar app. Also possible to create a calendar event locally, without registration and use notifications.

Remote settings

You can specify the name of the remote server, a database, a script and even username and password. A remote user may not even know these settings. Remote settings can be stored on a remote iOS device for later use.

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