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With the ever increasing use of mobile devices, the cost of developing an app continues to skyrocket leaving many small to medium size businesses without access to millions of potential mobile customers. Ottawa, Canada based AppYourWay, a division of Time To Information, has developed the technology that permits any business in the world with a website or back end database system to have an app built for them for the Apple and Google Stores starting at just $499.

Currently the average cost of a non complicated, single platform such as IOS is approximately $7,000 but when incorporating complexities normally associated with database back end systems and the need to serve both IOS and Android customers, the cost can rise into the hundreds of thousands, well beyond the reach of most businesses. Terry Billingsley, CEO of Time To Information says “For the first time ever, we can give every business or individual developer a chance to be seen by millions for 5% or less of the cost, it’s a win for the everyday people.” The small to medium size business developer has already designed a great web based or back end database system, we take what they’ve developed and build an app based on it. Apples Objective-C or Swift programming language as well as Android’s development tools can be difficult to learn for even seasoned developers. 

With AppYourWay, they don’t have to, they build in the language they know and we create the app for them. With the declining use of the web and the huge momentum of mobile users who demand apps, not having an app for your business is a huge disadvantage.   So if you’re a hair dresser or massage therapist who currently has a web based calendaring system, now you can get an app for that. If you’re a small restaurant owner who provides pick up or delivery services, now there’s an app for that too. Finally there’s a solution that makes it affordable for small to medium size businesses using HTML, PHP, Filemaker, SQL, Microsoft Sharepoint or WordPress developers to have a presence on the Apple Store and Google Play Store within mere days and for a fraction of the cost. “It’s never been done before which is why we’re doing this” say’s Billingsley.

AppYourWay Time To Information (TTI), established in the year 2000 by Terry Billingsley, located in Ottawa Canada, has been developing solutions for the average consumers and business alike for over 30 years. Time To Information continues to pioneer unique easy to use applications and solutions that real people use.  Along with the award winning designer Ian Séguin, Terry thinks outside the box in developing solutions, never caring to follow but would rather lead a segment. Their team of strong interface, architecture, developer, project and finance skills combine to achieve amazing results.

Thank you,

Terence Billingsley

Ottawa, Ontario


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