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FMT Featured FileMaker Tool of the Week! PyFileMaker is a set of Python modules that makes it easy to access and modify data stored in a FileMaker Server database. It uses XML data interchange trough Custom Web Publishing functionality of the server. It acts as Object Relational Mapper for existing FileMaker database.

You can use it to query a FileMaker database, but you can also use it to add data to a FileMaker database, you can even use it to delete records and execute FileMaker scripts.

It is one of the available wrappers for FileMaker’s Custom Web Publishing XML functionality, which is described in the document FileMaker Custom Web Publishing Guide (PDF)

This interface is very practical for integration of your FileMaker database with existing enterprise systems. We used this interface for our customers for implementation of:

  • SOAP/XML-RPC/WEB data interchange for B2B gateways.

  • Email robots – automatically receiving and submitting documents with suppliers, where data are both generated from or inserted into the the FileMaker solution’s Layout of your desire.

  • Generation of MS Word/Excel documents, forms and questionaries, with cell values filled from FileMaker, with custom designs and logos and/or other pictograms, with equations and locked cells, etc.

  • Generation of printer-ready documents (for example Business Cards) based on templates. Result is in formats like PDF/PostScript/SVG.

  • SMS gateway – when you can use mobile SMS as another gateway to insert/query data in your FileMaker database.

  • Fast data interchange for closed proprietary applications, which simulates key strokes to insert data from your FileMaker business solution into other systems.

  • Synchronization with Google Calendar/iCal and similar services on the server side of your database. No need to install any plugins to FileMaker client hosts.


  • Google App Engine: Nowadays you can even use PyFileMaker for both way data interchange between your FileMaker database and Google BigTable cluster data storage. You can also host your python FileMaker application on the freely available service Google App Engine.

You can download the API at

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