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Quick tip: Detect OS X Yosemite dark mode from FileMaker – FileMaker Today

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How to detect if OS X Yosemite is in “Dark Mode” from FileMaker?

Dark mode is stored in a defaults entry:  AppleInterfaceStyle

It’s either “Dark” or no value.

So we just basically check if we get an error if we try to read this value.

If we get a value, we are in “Dark mode”, else we’re using “Normal mode”.

Basic steps:

If [Abs (Get(SystemPlatform)) = 1]   //Running on OS X

Perform AppleScript[“do shell script “defaults read -g AppleInterfaceStyle””]  –  Native

If [Get(LastError) = 0]

Show Custom Dialog [“Dark mode!”]


Show Custom Dialog[“Normal mode!”]

End if

End if

That’s all.

You may use this to switch to a different themed layout, or to change your background color.

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