Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Refactoring our Skill-Set: Changing How We Do the Same Thing (Beginner 008)

Session Description:

FileMaker offers developers many ways to solve the same problem. As solutions get more complex it’s often the case that various techniques that work in one situation may not be the best in others.

In this session, we’ll explore techniques we already know and see if there are better ones available to solve the same use case. This may include using calculated fields or standard text fields and how to get data from a found set of records. We will refactor our thinking and skill-set to include techniques advanced developers use.

Recommended Background
Familiarity with the basics of FileMaker scripting, data modeling, and layout design.

Session Objectives
Learn the reasons for continually refactoring our skill-set
Review users’ known techniques and see if a better technique could be used
How to identify areas in their custom apps that could use a refresh
How to understand the pros and cons of any technique


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