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Relationships Thoroughly Explained (Beginner 001)

Relationships Thoroughly Explained
FileMaker Developer Conference 2017 Beginner Track
Session Speaker: Doug Gardner | Exoteric Inc.

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Session Description
What does it mean in the Set Field script step when it says “This calculation will be evaluated based on context determined at runtime”? What do layouts have to do with the relationship graph? What do indexes have to do with relationships? What’s the difference between defining a sort in the relationship graph and defining it in a portal?

In this session, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and how to create a relational structure that scales to any size without becoming more difficult to read or use.

What you should know
A basic familiarity with setting up tables, fields and layouts in FileMaker.

What You Will Learn
* Explore different types of relationships and how to use them
* Learn why FileMaker requires understanding the two dimensions of context
* How to create a relationship graph that is easy to read
* How to create a database that never gets slow

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