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Retail Point of Sale System (Filemaker) Video 9

Another wonderful video in the series of creating a powerful POS System for your small business. In this episode, we start to discover the Back Office and Admin Sections and some basic scripting challenges.

  1. T Nguyen says

    Hello Tim,
    I have multiple service names under the service category.
    How do I re-write the script?

  2. Mehrdad Bastan says

    Hi Tim
    Let me say that I am loving your videos and hope to see more of them in the future. I am not sure how I missed when you related the tables. I'm following the videos step by step but when I press the button (HotDog) with the added quantity the script tells me that your tables are not related.
    The only relation I have is Registers to the Invoice.
    I appreciate it if you guide me back to which video you relate all your tables

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