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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Salesforce Agile Accelerator and Developing on the Platform


For years, engineers at Salesforce have been using Salesforce to manage user stories, bugs, sprints, code releases, and much more. That same platform solution is available on the AppExchange and is known as Agile Accelerator (http://sforce.co/goAgile). Join us for a discussion on how to translate Agile Principles into reality and what went into the engineering and development. We will walk you through how we take advantage of Lightning Components to make all of this happen and you will hear directly from the engineers responsible for its creation. In this session, attendees will learn: How Salesforce engineers build robust tools by extending the platform to solve everyday challenges and see how developers can create highly customizable, feature-rich interfaces with Lightning Components. Have your questions answered by the very team who developed the Salesforce Agile Accelerator.

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