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Salesforce Entrepreneurs with Ankit Taneja | Episode 58


For show notes, shout outs, and other relevant links and resources, check out this episode straight from our website: https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2020/11/episode-58-salesforce-entrepreneurs-with-ankit-taneja.html

Ankit Taneja is a self-described Salesforce solo-preneur. He also co-leads the Berlin User Group. In this episode, Joshua Birk is talking with Ankit about his experiences as an entrepreneur. He also shares some tips and tricks for all of us.

Not only is Ankit a successful entrepreneur, but he also wrote a master’s thesis in IT forensics and almost got his PhD in that field. It was when he took a break to decide what he was going to do that he found his way to Salesforce. Listen to this episode to hear all the amazing knowledge Ankit has to share.

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