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Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Highlights

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Joshua Pereira 

Posted on 
January 12th, 2022 


Salesforce Spring '22 Release Highlights

Here we are standing at the beginning of a brand new year full of promise and opportunity, both for ourselves (failing resolutions notwithstanding) and our businesses.  And in the spirit of the season, Salesforce is also looking toward the future with the release of its Spring ’22 update!

In this release come many highly anticipated enhancements that will allow users to improve efficiency, build more powerful automations, and extract more value from the platform. Here are some of the most exciting highlights from the release:

Flow Orchestrator

out of beta and with some additional functionality, the Flow Orchestrator gives
admins greater ability to build and coordinate complex processes that involve multiple
people over multiple stages with multiple flows.

Flow Orchestrator

Some key functions this tool offers to users:

  • Orchestrate
    Multiuser Processes
    – Without using any code, you can now combine new and existing processes
    into a single interface. Steps allow you to define which flows to add and
    where, including the assignment of users to each step and where the flow appears
    for them. Stages allow you to group steps together and can utilize decision
    elements for more complex logic.
  • Customize
    Entry and Exit Conditions with Evaluation Flows
    – Evaluation Flows allow you to define custom criteria for stage
    exit conditions and step entry and exit conditions.
  • Assign
    Interactive Steps to Groups or Queues
    – Instead of assigning an interactive step to an individual, you
    can assign it to a group of users and avoid process bottlenecks.
  • Process
    Background Steps Asynchronously
    – Background steps enable users to call autolaunched flows and run
    without user interaction. Now, when an autolaunched flow is called in the
    background and contains external callouts, you can mark that step to be processed
    asynchronously to prevent orchestration errors.

Sales: Collaborative Forecast Enhancements 

Released in 2018, collaborative forecasts have enabled users to
plan their end-to-end sales cycle and achieve more realistic sales expectations
throughout their organization. Some enhancements for this tool found in the release:

  • More
    Efficient Collaborative Forecasts Setup
    – Setup has never been easier with an improved user interface
    including a new look and configuration items brought together on a single page.
  • Quick
    Insights from Core Forecasting KPIs
    – Add new columns to your forecasting grid to calculate Gap to
    Quota and Pipeline Coverage and avoid time-eating metric calculations.
  • See
    Recent Changes in Forecast Categories
    – With the ability to see week-over-week forecast changes, you can
    now be more aware of when to adjust your forecasting strategies.

Workforce Engagement

This new offering for call centers features a suite of tools aimed
at improving scheduling forecasts and agent happiness. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Long-Term
    – Workforce
    analysts have been using intelligent forecasts to plan staffing needs around
    anticipated workload volumes on a 12-week horizon. Now they can project out to
    52 weeks.
  • Long-Term
    Capacity Plans
    – Budget
    and hiring capacity plans enable call centers to meet customer SLAs through predictions
    made by Omni-Channel plans. Similarly to the forecast update, this extends the capacity
    plan horizon from 12 to 52 weeks.
  • Historical
    Adherence Metrics
    – Build
    better schedules by comparing anticipated schedule adherence versus actual
    adherence. Planners now have access to the Historical Adherence Dashboard and
    see statistics for schedule adherence, conformance, Omni-Channel status, and
    scheduled versus presence time.
  • Mass
    Shift Update
    – This
    tool allows planners to update shifts in bulk, defining criteria to select a batch of shifts and assign agents,
    update shift statuses, or both.
  • Limit
    Non-Standard Shifts
    – Agent
    work-life balance is important and not all shifts are desirable. Scheduling
    rules that limit inconvenient shifts assigned to each agent enable planners to employ
    more equitable shift scheduling.

Enhanced Landing Page Experience

In the Winter ’22 release, Enhanced Landing Pages for Pardot gave
users some really useful features to create landing pages including Drag-and-drop builder, responsive design, Salesforce CMS
images, and Salesforce reporting. 

Enhanced Landing Page Builder Salesforce

This update brings even more options to
configure your landing page.

  • Customize Pardot Form Styles – Dial in the look of your Pardot
    forms with the added ability to apply
    colors, fonts, margins, and more.
  • Set a Redirect for Unpublished
    Landing Pages
    – Users now have the ability to define
    a custom redirect URL when a Pardot landing page is removed from the internet.
  • Add Scripts – Enhanced landing pages now support script code
    in the header or footer of an individual landing page using <link>,
    <script>, and <style> tags.
  • New Page Layouts and Breadcrumbs – With new prebuilt layouts and
    breadcrumbs for row editing, creating an Enhanced Landing Page can be lightning

Archive Experience Cloud Sites & Maintenance

a website can be a bittersweet experience. You’re happy with the look of your shiny
new site, but you may want to keep the old one around for reference, in which
case, you could archive it… unless it was a Salesforce Experience Cloud site.
Until now!

has added a new Archive button to the detail page of your site, which makes the
URL unavailable to all users and instead displays a site under maintenance
page. If you ever decide to bring it back, you can simply unarchive it. Users
can archive up to 100 sites and they do not count against the 100 active site

B2B Promotions

new types of commerce promotions have been created for B2B stores, allowing you
to offer your customer coupons, fixed discounts, and more promotions per cart.

updates include creating multiple product discounts for the same promotion,
the ability to view all promotions applied to an order, and Commerce Promotions
API access through Apex. 

Edit Multiple Fields Inline on the Report Run Page

anyone who has ever wished they could make inline edits to multiple fields and
clean data from within a Salesforce report without rerunning it every time, your
wish has been answered. A welcome enhancement to the Inline Edits on
Reports from the Summer ’21 release, the added functionality allows you to make
edits to a field with related fields on the same record. When you do this, the
related fields are marked as Pending and are updated with the new value upon saving
the edits. Multiple-field inline editing for reports has entered Beta testing
and will be available to most users in the Spring ’22 release. 

Edit Multiple Fields Inline on Reports

Service: Bundle Service Appointments

A small
but important enhancement here, the ability to bundle short appointments at nearby
locations allows you to assign a service tech to the bundle to complete them in
succession. Additionally, you can automate the creation of bundles and save
time on assigning multiple service appointments.

Browser Performance Improvements

who has dealt with a complex CPQ implementation knows how slow it can be to run
certain operations. By utilizing new Web Components V1 tech, Salesforce has made
the program far less browser-hungry. This update was first made available in the
Summer ’21 release and will be enforced in Spring ’22.

Net Zero Cloud

Cloud is now Net Zero Cloud and has become a core Salesforce App. It promises
to help collect, categorize, and analyze energy usage and greenhouse gas
emissions data throughout your organization’s business activities. This allows
you to gain accurate insights into your carbon footprint and identify areas of

Conclusion: Resolve
to Work Smarter

With all
these awesome enhancements and much more, the Spring ’22 release should provide
plenty of motivation to kickstart your year with a renewed commitment to
continuous improvement. If you wish to learn more about these updates or the
others included in the release, please check out the official release notes. If
you have any questions about Salesforce or want to talk about your Salesforce
needs, contact DB Services!

Need help with your Salesforce digital transformation? Contact us today to discuss Salesforce consulting, implementation, development, and support!

Joshua Pereira thumbnail
Joshua Pereira

Joshua is an outgoing consultant who enjoys collaborating
with a team to achieve clear-cut goals and provide the best value for clients. He
is dedicated to creative problem-solving and process improvements that often
lead to unique, tailored client solutions. 

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