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Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Highlights


Kevin Boehle 

Posted on 
June 4th, 2021 


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It’s time for Salesforce’s Summer ’21 Release! Salesforce has once again built a bunch of new features and improvements to ensure we, the users and developers, have the tools to customize our Salesforce products to fit our needs.

In this article, we’ll highlight a few of these exciting new features, such as the new Einstein Search enhancements and public cloud’s Intelligent Document Automation. As always, Salesforce continues to build and grow, maintaining its place as the World’s #1 CRM.

Sales Cloud: Pipeline Inspection

With Salesforce’s new Pipeline Inspection feature, managers and sales reps can quickly and easily keep tabs on important sales information. This feature provides an overall dashboard view to let users know exactly how many sales have been won, lost, and what can be expected in the future. Using visual indicators such as arrows and colors, users can see whether deals are moving forward, lost, or stuck in limbo. These new features will empower users to make decisions quickly and maintain a healthy pipeline.

Service Cloud: Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement is a new tool to help ensure that the most qualified and available agents are assigned to the work that best fits their skill set. With the help of historical Salesforce data, this new feature can ensure that your company has enough staffing with the right skills to handle your forecasted workload. Based on the forecasted workload, your employees’ skills, and your employees’ preferences, you can adjust schedules and make sure that the appropriate people are working at the times when you need them most. This will help keep the employer, the employee, and the customer satisfied. 

Commerce Cloud: Headless Commerce Enhancements

Managing a storefront on the web is now easier than ever with a number of Headless Commerce Enhancements. Using the Commerce PWA Kit and Managed Runtime, your users will have a fast, smooth, and secure experience across all of their devices. Your developers will appreciate the power and flexibility that comes with easy deployment, secure logins, and inventory management provided by the Omnichannel Inventory enhancements.

Platform: Einstein Search

In under a minute, you can now activate Einstein Search to provide your Salesforce Org with powerful search functions. The three features included are Personalization, Actionable Instant Results, and Natural Language Search. Personalization will cater searches to each user’s personal preferences — learning as you use it. Actionable Instant Results, which is still in Beta, gives you suggested searches and allows you to perform tasks during a search.  Natural Language Search, also still in Beta, allows you to use common words to make quick filters with simple sentences such as “Contacts in Indianapolis.”

An examples screen of einstein search results for contacts in indianapolis

Marketing Cloud: Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud

Datorama Reports will help you by offering powerful insights into your analytics from your email and journeys. The feature must be turned on and takes about 48 hours to fully deploy, but once it’s available, it is incredibly useful. Salesforce automatically creates easy-to-use dashboards to show how your emails have been interacted with and how they have performed for your campaign. You can then create powerful Pivot Tables and reports to inspect your data on even deeper levels.

Integration: MuleSoft Composer Connectors

Salesforce has added more connectors to the Mulesoft Composer, including Tableau, Slack, and Google Sheets. With these connectors, you can make integrations quickly and easily by selecting the connector you want to use and creating flows with the functionality provided. This will allow just about anyone to make simple or complex integrations with little experience!

Non-Profit: Experience Cloud for Nonprofits

With Experience Cloud for nonprofits, Salesforce has made it easy to create a place online for users to donate to your organization. By providing a centralized location, you can allow your donors to see their donation history and continue to donate by simply logging in to your page.

Financial Services Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Consumer Goods Cloud, and More: Rebate Management Integration with CPQ

The Rebate Management Integration allows you to apply rebate types to many standard and custom object pages. You can make whatever rebate type you like, apply custom eligibility conditions, and offer those rebates through orders, opportunities, and more. 

Media Cloud, Energy & Utilities Cloud, Public Sector, and Sustainability: Intelligent Document Automation for Public Sector

Intelligent Document Automation is a very powerful application that will allow public agencies to parse and evaluate applications for things such as permits and licenses. After mapping data fields to a given form or template, the filled-out form simply needs to be uploaded. The form is then saved and parsed by Salesforce using Amazon Textract. This process saves time and money by doing the data entry for you and allowing you to simply verify correctness.


As always, the features provided in this release give Salesforce users even more flexibility and power to improve their organization. We mentioned quite a few of the Summer ’21 updates in this article, but there are plenty more that we didn’t. Be sure to check out Salesforce’s official release notes page if you’d like to learn even more about this latest Salesforce release. Contact DB Services at any time if you have questions or needs with Salesforce!

Need help with your Salesforce digital transformation? Contact us today to discuss Salesforce consulting, implementation, development, and support!

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Kevin Boehle

Kevin is a Certified FileMaker and Salesforce developer who is both creative and friendly in his approach to solving client issues. He is motivated by a good challenge and works diligently to produce excellent results in a timely fashion.

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