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Save with Snapshot Link

An entirely different approach to saving found sets can be achieved via the Snapshot Link feature.

  1. Mher Uzunyan says

    Hello Sir. I have created the button and it works fine for the snapshot layout. But i could not find the video that shows how to open it from the layout. I have the same snapshot saved on same lout of your last part of the video. I was hoping if you can send me the link of that video. Thank you.

  2. Mher Uzunyan says

    Hello John. I'm trying to purchase to bundle deal you where you mention about extracting the snapahot link. I have a paypal account which is linked to my debt card. when i try to purchase it will not finish the transactions. Is there any other way to do so if yes please let me know. Thank you

  3. Mher Uzunyan says

    Hello John I finally had the opportunity to download the entire videos. Now i there is one thing that i did not see in the videos was if i have multiple users logged on and i want show which user is working on the script which is divided by layout number. Also i will to see which users are currently on.

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