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Say Hello Moto to Mislav Kos, Daniel “Weetbicks” Wood, Doug Alder & the New FMT

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The All New FMT has launched

The new FMT is finally here! We have worked our hiney’s off for the past few months to bring the all new FMT to you. There is still so much work to be done, this is only the tip of so much to come…so if you have any major problems let us know. If something appears missing, it won’t be for long. So with all this said and done…keep it here for daily updates! In the meantime here is some classic FileMaker from some classic developers!

Taking the Headache out of SSL and FileMaker with Mislav Kos

Demystifying SSL and FileMaker SSL and encryption are confusing subjects that make even very smart people want to run the other way. This is so true…especially so when dealing with SSL and FileMaker! Mislav Kos provides clarity in this DevCon presentation.


How Douglas Alder brings web data directly into FileMaker – Demo File Included

There is a way to ‘Send to FileMaker’ from your favorite Browser?

Turns out there is a fairly easy way to do this. It involves creating a bookmark in your web browser that is written in JavaScript.

Doug’s tiny little small bookmark makes it easy to snag and save data from the web into your FileMaker solution.



Digital Fusion’s Daniel Wood: Cooks up beautiful sliding menus in FileMaker and FileMaker Go

It is now possible to emulate a Web Browser hamburger menu, saving valuable screen real estate (especially on iOS devices) and providing a clean interface. Free Demo File is included with this classic blog!

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