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Scalable Architecture with Karishma Lalwani | Episode 88

Karishma Lalwani is a Senior Director of Project Management here at Salesforce. Today I’m talking with her all about scalable architecture. In our conversation, we discuss what scalable architecture means on an enterprise level and some takeaways for developers.
Karishma was also once known as the “queen of encryption,” a title her former coworkers gave her as a result of her work on a pilot product for platform encryption. Karishma has a long history helping customers be successful at scale and advocating for them internally, tune in to hear from her wealth of knowledge and experience.
Show Highlights:

What the frontier scale team does.
What elastic infrastructure is and how it helps meet demand.
What connected platforms are.
How the “always on” model works.
Best practices for developers working with SOQL.
What not to do as a developer working with a 10 record query and why.
Why row locking and sharing are problematic.
What developers need to know about “bulkifying” code.
What big objects are and how developers can use them to scale.
What Vaccine Cloud is and the challenges it presented to architecture.
All about Karishma’s upcoming podcast.

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