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Scanning barcodes in FileMaker is very easy with EasyBarCode – FileMaker Today

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Scanning barcodes in FileMaker is very easy. We can use a barcode scanner as keybord input or in FM Go we can even use the iPhone’s camera to scan barcodes and put the result directly in one of our fields. But generating the barcodes was not that easy… till now!

Meet the EasyBarcode custom function. Yes, its just a custom function! In fact, the only two things you need is the custom function and a webviewer! 

Check the example file for the custom function.

This is what you do:

   1. Place a webviewer on your layout.

   2. Put the EasyBarcode custom function in the webviewer.

   3. Pass a value to the EasyBarcode custom function. ( You probably want to feed it a field value )

   4. READY!

Easy but Powerful

It’s not because the EasyBarcode function is so easy to use, that this means its simple. No, on the contrary. If you want, you can fully adjust the barcode to your needs!


When passing only a value to the EasyBarcode custom function, it generates a CODE128 barcode with following default specs: width = 1 px, height = 40 px, quite zone = 0 px,  value displayed, white backgroundcolor and black barcode bars.


But all this params can be changed, simply by passing them to the custom function. Try it yourself by changing the params under the barcode…


At this moment the EasyBarcode can generate following barcode types:

   – CODE128

   – CODE39

   – EAN(13) / UPC

   – ITF

   – ITF14

   – Pharmacode


How it works?

The key technique is the JavaScript in the custom function who generates the HTML5 code to display the barcode. The JavaScript, created by Johan Lindell, is free to use under the MIT License.



  – Easy to implement

  – Free

  – Fast ( aprox. 30ms / barcode )

    ( generating a PDF with 1000 barcodes took me 30s )

  – Works without internet connection!

  – Works on FileMaker Pro ( win/mac ) & Go


Visit our site and Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments or need help.

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