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Second Gen Packaging with Vivek Chalwa | Episode 86

Vivek Chalwa is a Principal ISV Platform Expert here at Salesforce. Today I’m sitting down with him to talk about second-generation packaging and what it means for developers. We also get into how 2GP connects to things like declarative packing configuration, Apex, and orgs.

Vivek has a strong evangelistic angle to him and he even made his way into the Salesforce ecosystem by getting involved in the developer community and eventually becoming a developer group leader. Tune in to hear more from Vivek on the features of 2GP, how it works with your source control and what’s on the roadmap with it.

Show Highlights:

Why Vivek started off being a developer group leader.
How he came to actually work for Salesforce.
What is 2GP and how it is different from 1GP.
How declarative packaging configuration works with 2GP.
How all of this helps with structuring solutions.
How 2GP pairs with SalesforceDX and source centric development.
The benefits of flexible versioning and how it works with 2 GP.
How package bundles will work.


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