Monday, September 26, 2022
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Security 101 (Beginner 007)

Session Speaker: Mark Richman

Session Description:

These days, security is paramount. The proper execution of it, or lack thereof, can determine whether the launch of an information system succeeds or fails.

You’ll learn how security can be defined more broadly than just account names and passwords. Find out how it extends to what a user can do or see within a given solution, how data is protected while in transit and on the servers, and the degree to which the solution is highly available, how it’s performing, and how it is backed up.

Recommended Background
No prerequisites.

Session Objectives
Learn why security matters, and how data can be unintentionally compromised

Learn the range of features the FileMaker Platform offers to secure your solution

Best practices for implementing solution security both consistently and effectively

Understand the role testing and verification plays in avoiding security mistakes

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