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Seedcode FileMaker DevCon: 15% Off Sale All Products – FileMaker Today

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

All Seedcode products are on sale for 15% off to celebrate the 20th anniversary conference in Las Vegas. For subscriptions, the 15% discount applies to the first month or year of your subscription. So if you’re purchasing DayBack Calendar, yearly billing is already a big savings, but you’ll now save even more on a yearly plan during this sale.


PageLines- circcal.pngNEW for FileMaker 13 & 14: DayBack Calendar

Faster, easier to integrate, and now with responsive behaviors like reflowing and stacking events that we’ve never been able to do in FileMaker before. This is the FileMaker calendar you’ve been waiting for.

DayBack is available on subscription or as an outright purchase–subscribed users get in-app updates for the life of their subscription; purchasers get them for one year.

NEWER DayBack now works on the web and in WebDirect with DayBack Online add-on. The easiest way to work with your FileMaker events in a browser. Details and a live demo here: DayBack Online.

Sale price is 15% off the outright purchase price or 15% off the first year’s or month’s subscription, depending on your plan.


PageLines- circcal.pngStarter solution for the real world: SeedCode Complete

SeedCode Complete links Contacts, Projects, POs, Media, and Invoices in a clean framework for creating new FileMaker files; it’s a starter solution for the real world that gives you elegant behaviors but is still simple enough to get inside and modify.

Designed for FileMaker WebDirect, layouts are now completely themed and greatly simplified, making the whole template much easier to modify and extend, while still taking advantage of new behaviors like sliders and popovers.




PageLines- circlegozync.pngSync your FMGo files and use them offline: GoZync

Built solely in FileMaker Pro, without plugins or vodoo, GoZync lets you script your sync so users only get the records they need. Zync’s “Field Level Merge” means you only need to sync the data that’s changed on each record. It’s the most easily modifiable, most transparent, and most well documented sync method for FileMaker Pro and Go.

Go offline with GoZync for $340 plus $85 per device (regularly $399 / $99)

Unlimited Device license for $2,550 (regularly $3,000)

 Buy the Unlimited Device license of GoZync: 15% off


Maps for FileMakerMap view for your solutions: ProMaps

Add interactive, multi-point maps to your solutions. After clicking on a pin, you can configure maps to pull details from your tables, including any information you’d like about a location (including photos you may have in container fields). Buttons on your location details can runs scripts in your FileMaker file giving you a seamless integration between the map and the rest of your app.

See Pricing & Buy ProMaps for 15% off

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