Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Serverless Web Forms

ServerΛess Web Forms
Christos Savva (Beezwax Datatools, Inc.)

AWS Lambda functions allow you to run code without worrying about provisioning or managing servers. You can run code that scales on-demand at a fraction of the cost of server-based applications. Lambda functions can trigger other AWS services or—more importantly for us—FileMaker or Claris Connect actions. This session introduces you to a simple web form that can accept tens or hundreds of submissions in a short amount of time without having to worry about scaling your FileMaker Server. It also helps you envision how you can enhance your solutions with serverless technologies.

0:08 – Introduction
2:29 – Architectural Design of a Serverless App
9:39 – Let’s Jump on Cloud Number 9
14:51 – FileMaker and Data API: It’s a Setup
18:01 – Lambda: Learning to Speak Greek…Not
32:24 – API Gateway: The Gateway to the Cloud
39:32 – S3: Storage as Web Hosting?
45:28 – CloudFront: Content Delivery to the World
49:06 – It’s Time to Break the Server

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