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Sideshow Don’s Weekend FileMaker Wrap – FileMaker Today

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Get ready for the all new FileMaker Weekend Wrap up with our very own Sideshow Don. Each weekend Sideshow Don will give you a look at anything you might have missed in the world of FileMaker… Here we go this is the week of April 13 -20th, 2014.

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The team at FMI has produced a ton of shorts and I mean a ton…these teaser promos tell you everything you can expect to see at this years upcoming FileMaker DevCon in San Antonio…sit back and browse…they all are about 30 to 40 seconds in duration and you can find them all by touching or clicking here. You’ll be amazed at what you can see at learn at this years Devcon…looks like one of the best ever! San Antonio is a beautiful, affordable city deep in the heart of Texas with a lot of history. If you ever wanted to attend a DevCon without breaking the bank…pounce on this…I am pretty sure there is still an early bird discount. See you at the Alamo!

FileMaker Themes Best Practices  DBServices

One of this weeks hottest articles was from Darren & Company at DB Services  – they explore using FileMaker 13’s new feature allowing you to create custom themes and styles. Custom themes now allow us to create a unified user interface in your application while maintaining an optimized solution. Continue reading FileMaker Themes Best Practices

Getting Started with JavaScript and FileMakerSoliant Consulting

One of several polished good reads of the week on this subject. Soliant’s Mike Duncan shows you the how to’s of FileMaker & JavaScript. Working with the web viewer is now a two way street. You set the web viewer from FileMaker, and now you get data back from what is going on inside the web viewer. In this article, we will show why being able to communicate with a web viewer is a big deal. Continue reading Getting Started with JavaScript and FileMaker

JavaScript in FileMaker v 13.2 – The Gloves are Off John Sindelar – Seedcode

When it comes to Filemaker and JavaScript, John is all over it…to some people he is known as the FileMaker JavaScript chef. FileMaker’s 13v2 update now lets scripts run locally, not just when your FileMaker file is hosted. Learn more and download a ProMaps demo to see how this works.

Free Filemaker PluginNick Orr – Goya

Hot on the heels of the 2.2.2 version of our free BaseElements plugin, we’ve got a 2.3 alpha ready to go. This version adds a new encryption function BE_Encrypt_AES and a matching BE_Decrypt_AES. And adds the ability to zip multiple files by passing a list of paths to the BE_Zip function. There is an a2 build for Mac, Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit for FileMaker Server.

WebDirect: Early Days for the IWP replacementLinear Chat

The introduction of WebDirect at the expense of Instant Web Publishing has added a much enhanced toolset to the developers armory. There are considerable improvements in function that can avoid the clunky, compromising and design limited results of an IWP solution. WebDirect offers the following specific feature improvements that are now supported where they were…Read More


Where is the Remote ?!? Part 1, Referencing a Remote ContainerIT Solutions

Remote containers are a great new feature in FileMaker.  It lets you keep the size of your databases smaller.  I have one database that went from over 6GB to just 500MB when I moved the containers from internal to remote.  It made the backups faster and saved a lot of space on their backups!  In this first installment of a short series about containers, we will review how to reference a remote container. Read it or Skip it

Hyper linking FileMaker RecordsMatt Petrowsky

There’s often a time when that fateful question is asked while developing in FileMaker. What’s the question you ask? Well, it’s this one. “Wouldn’t it be cool if FileMaker supported native hyper linking?” Well, now that’s an idea. Maybe it doesn’t support it natively, but you sure can make it happen. It’s all a matter knowing what FileMaker provides in order to make it a reality. See the video

FileMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 4James Scarpetta

James Scarpetta released another chapter in his FileMaker Stylin Series. In FileMaker Pro 13 – Stylin’ Part 3 I showed the additional available styles in the Enlightened FileMaker Theme for Shapes and Popovers. I’m continuing in Stylin’ Part 4 with Tab Panels, Slide Controls and Layout Parts. Look for an additional 2 chapters in the coming weeks. Read now

Sending Email from FileMaker Using Mandrill Digital Fusion

Daniel Woods is Back in the Saddle Again and we are thankful. One of the most popular FileMaker contributors makes his return with Sending Email from FileMaker Using Mandrill.  When sending Email from FileMaker the most popular methods are the ‘Send Mail’ script step or a plugin. In this article we explore another method through using Mandrill – a free online service that is easy to setup and integrate into FileMaker.

Checklist For Moving FileMaker CodeTodd Geist – Geist Interactive

When looking up the definition for FileMaker Guru, the name Todd Geist will come up. Last week Todd penned a Checklist for Moving FileMaker Code. Whenever you move FileMaker code from one file to another, you need to do things in the right order. If you follow this checklist everything will work correctly when it is in the new file.  Some of this stuff you can copy and paste or import. The rest you will have to manually copy. Visit Todd’s Blog

Exploring the New File Level Encryption Feature in FileMaker Pro 13Doug Alder Homebase Software

Doug Alder of Homebase Software in Nanaimo – Vancouver released Exploring the New File Level Encryption Feature in FileMaker Pro 13. What is the new Encryption At Rest (EAR) ability for in FileMaker Pro 13? FileMaker Safe? I started out exploring FileMaker Pro 13′s new encryption feature because I wondered about securing a single FileMaker database on my system. We like to think of a FileMaker file as a locked box, but I was never quite […]

The FileMaker 13 Design Workshop in Toronto CanadaFM2D Newswire

If you are into Filemaker Design and you really should be…the Ultimate FileMaker Design Workshop is near capacity. Yann Liqueur-Salzédo of Infografix and Fabrice Nordmann of 1-more-thing will be running a full-day workshop at the Apple Canada offices in DT TO on Monday, April 28th. you will not find another design class like this on this side of the ocean. Don Levan are you listening.

Stumped on the original FileMaker ForumAlan Hunter

We have a question that has got us mystified on our forums. Peculiar Window Zooming Behavior, multi monitor setup + MacOS 10.6.8…FileMaker 10, FileMaker 11, and FileMaker 12 affected (albeit not with 100% consistency).Please visit the thread now and give Al some advice



There is more coming…




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