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Sideshow Don’s Weekend FileMaker Wrap-up for the week of Apr 20-26, 2014 – FileMaker Today

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Get caught up on last week so you are ready for this week! Welcome to Sideshow Don’s weekend wrap up for the week of Apr 20th -26th 2014. Each weekend Sideshow Don “FileMaker Pro Guru” gives you a look at anything you might have missed in the world of FileMaker… and maybe some of the things you wish you had missed. If you have any requests for items in this section, please drop us a line.

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FileMaker DevCon San Antonio is getting closer and so are the “I will be exhibiting at DevCon Posts” we’ll start putting those out for you in next week s edition…are you happy now! Also look for a complete DevCon section…there are some really great things on tap “besides Coor’s Light and Lone Star Beer” for this year’s DevCon and we’ll make sure you are kept up to date.


The Sideshow Don Weekly Wrap is brought to you by our friends at the Scarpetta Group and their Red Hot  – FileMaker 13 Stylin – a 5 part Must Read Series…


FileMaker 13 Perform Script on Server – Part II – Beezwax

Vince Menanno continues his FileMaker 13 Server Series – with the weeks hottest read – FileMaker 13 Perform Script on Server – Part II. This article is a continuation of the PSoS discussion and includes more cool things you can do with it, specifically running database imports on FileMaker Server. Once again this is part 2 of a series, if you missed part 1 read it here.


Combining into 1 table Revisit, Labels in field, Multi-Table Reports. – FM Success Tips – Lee & Andy

Everybody loves a good podcast and these guys are the best…Lee Strong, with 20 years of database and FileMaker experience, and Dr. Andy Cohen, with 25 years experience in IT development for fortune 500 companies, discuss valuable tips and hard to find tricks which enhance developing applications in FileMaker Pro. This weeks podcast: Combining into 1 table Revisit, Labels in field, Multi-Table Reports.


Last Chance! FileMaker 13 Hands On Design Workshop – April 28th, 2014 – Apple Centre Toronto – FMT News

This is our favorite FileMaker Design Workshops and one that you do NOT want to miss…Yann Liqueur-Salzédo of Infografix and Fabrice Nordmann of 1-more-thing will be running a full-day workshop at the Apple Canada offices on April 28th. I attended Yann’s design workshop last year, and it was full of design philosophy, cool examples of his own work, and interface techniques. This time, Fabrice Nordmann will be joining as co-presenter. It promises to be a very interesting and informative session! Don’t miss it … you will not find another design class like this on this side of the ocean.


FileMaker Video Tutorial – Perform Script on Server – FileMaker Magazine

Matt at FileMake Magzine produced a tutorial video about one of the hot topics of the month of April… Perform Script on Server. You will be seeing a lot more on this topic in the weeks to come.


So, you want to write a FileMaker module – Mighty Data – Darren Burgess

This is one of our members favorite blogs of the week from the keyboard of Darren Burgess of Mighty Data. Have you considered writing your own module and submitting it?  If so, I say go for it.  Even if your idea is already implemented, the library of modules will benefit from a variety of solutions to the same problem.


FileMaker 13 Getting the IDs for a Filtered Portal – Andrew Duncan – Databuzz

It’s been a long time since we have heard from Andrew…and he comes back with a great FileMaker 13 Tut. One of my favorite features of FileMaker Pro v13 is the new “List of” summary type option, which is used for creating a return-delimited list of non-blank values in a field. For example if you wanted a list of all Customer IDs for your found set of records you can now simply reference a Summary field that uses the List of type option:


FileMaker EasySync: Beta 8 Now Available – Tim Dietrich

Tim has more FileMaker pans in the oven than a chef on Super Bowl Sunday! I’m pleased to announce that EasySync “Beta 8” is now available for download. You can grab a copy from the EasySync Web site. This is an important release for many reasons. One, there are a lot of significant changes in it, which we’ll get to in just a moment. But perhaps most importantly, this is the last “beta” release of EasySync. The plan is to fix any bugs that are reported, and then in a week or so, officially release EasySync Version 1. So it was important that I get this release as close to perfect as possible


Stay tuned I have more on the way… SideShow Don





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