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Sign in with Apple – into FileMaker

Just over a year ago, at the 2019 WWDC, Apple released its “Sign in with Apple” service. Apple’s Identity Provider Service allows users to use their Apple ID to log into apps and web sites. You’ve seen similar services provided by Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Google, and many more.

Sign in with Apple

Figure 1. “Sign in with Apple” banner

While setting up the Sign in with Apple authentication service to allow your users to log into your FileMaker solution directly is possible – as we demonstrate in this new white paper, your users will probably have a much better experience if you use another identity provider as the broker to Sign in with Apple. Using an Identity broker will give you better control over the UI and allow you to use group-based authentication. We will demonstrate that in a follow-up white paper soon. All the identity providers we have used in this series of white papers can act as a broker between FileMaker and Apple. It certainly makes sense to use them if you already subscribe to one of them (Okta, Ping, OneLogin, MiniOrange, Auth0, etc.). If this is your first foray into using OAuth and Apple as your chosen provider, consider using an open-source provider such as Red Hat’s Keycloak (see addendum 3).

This white paper complements the others in this series:

You can also keep track of our content around modern authentication by using the OAuth tag on our web site. If you have any questions or need help implementing this functionality into your solution, please contact our team.

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