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Snake Game built with LWC, without Canvas

We build the classic Snake game using Lightning Web Components and then deploy it to Salesforce, Heroku, and GitHub Pages.
Source Code:

Play the Game on Heroku –
Play the Game on GitHub Pages –
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00:00:00 – Start
00:00:15 – Introduction
00:02:02 – The inspiration
00:04:59 – Whiteboarding the Component Architecture
00:08:37 – Creating the Game Area
00:22:59 – Fixing Infinite renderedCallback() calls
00:26:49 – Creating and moving the snake
00:39:09 – Adding Keyboard Controls
00:43:21 – Optimizing for performance
00:48:06 – Adding Food Particles
00:53:19 – Making the snake longer
01:07:06 – Adding “Game Over” logic
01:09:28 – Deployment to Salesforce
01:12:25 – Deployment to Heroku and GitHub Pages

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