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Sorting Records – Try FileMaker Video Series – FMTraining.TV

Sorting Records – Try FileMaker Video Series – FMTraining.TV – 7115

In this video. I want to talk about sorting records with your FileMaker clients software. Now in this video will be mostly focusing on FileMaker Pro Advanced. Now, this is a universal skill set that pretty much everyone needs to know. And it works generally the same on Go and Web direct. There are a couple subtleties. I will point those out as we go along. The first important to note that whenever you run a sort, the records that will be sorted will be from the current found set. So if I do a sort right now, it’s going to sort just the found set. Now, to access the sort, we press the sort button right here or we go up under records, we select the sort records menu option. Now, of course, you might want to use a keyboard shortcut for this.

Introduction To TryFileMaker – Try FileMaker Video Series – FMTraining.TV – Video 1

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