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SQL Explorer – Learn FileMaker SQL – Write Queries Faster – FileMaker Today

Learn FileMaker SQL using FileMaker metaphors you already know. Follow along in our wizard and you’ll be writing queries against your own data: queries you can paste into your own files. Learn FileMaker SQL – Write Queries Faster.

SQLexplorer lets you use FileMaker metaphors you already know, like Relationships, Search, Sort, and more, to write sophisticated SQL queries. You can then copy and paste the resulting queries right into your FileMaker 12 files with all the correct calculation syntax. Follow our simple SQL Wizard to create and test SQL queries against your own data. Jason Young, the author of SQLexplorer has done a great job documenting each step of creating queries, providing detailed videos as you go. We’ve been using this tool internally for a while now to get our own queries written faster (and error free). We think you’ll really find this useful.



learn more about SQL Explorer Click or Touch Here



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