Friday, August 19, 2022
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Start to Finish Machine Learning Models

Start to Finish Machine Learning Models
Mike Beargie
MainSpring, Inc.

With the integration of new CoreML features into FileMaker, the tools at our fingertips have taken a massive leap forward! Machine Learning opens up an entire world of advanced computing that has never been easier to integrate. In this session we cover the basics of what a Machine Learning model does, how to train a model using free tools, and how to use a model with FileMaker in an easy to approach manner. We conclude by showcasing a few examples of working models in a demo app, and reviewing resources to find existing machine learning models you can adapt to your own custom apps.

0:08 – Introduction and Prerequisites

5:10 – Defining Machine Learning Models

9:34 – Integration Machine Learning with FileMaker
36:07 – Training CoreML Models with Create ML
54:01 – Additional Resources

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