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State of Salesforce API’s ’21 with Kris Harrison | Episode 79

Kris Harrison is a Director of Product Management here at Salesforce. Specifically, he works with enterprise API’s and external services.

Kris used to be a Consultant with The Gap until his abrupt transition to Product Management. In his past, he also led a charge to begin thinking about services that are called from multiple customer touchpoints instead of standalone website features. In this episode, we’re talking more about his historical experience, what his current role at Salesforce looks like, and some great insights into API. Listen in to get an angle on the current state of API’s for 2021, including what is going to be retired and what the roadmap looks like.

Show Highlights:

How Kris came to join Salesforce’s enterprise API team.
What teams within Salesforce he is the Product Manager for.
What a “day in the life” looks like for him in his current position.
Characteristics of a good API.
How developers can use an API effectively.
What a Composite Graph is and how it can help developers.
The roadmap for the upcoming Composite Graph API.
The problem Kris and his team are trying to solve with the fields function in SOQL.
Why the SOQL character limit was recently upped.
Why they have decided to retire old versions of API and what those retirement phases will look like.
What else is on Kris’ roadmap going into the future.

Kris on Twitter:
Kris on LinkedIn:
Kris on Github:
Readiness Release Live on SOQL Fields:
Blog Post on SOQL:
OpenAPI 3.0 Pilot blog:
Readiness Release Live on Composite Graph:
Composite Graph blog:
Good API Trailhead module:
What to know about API retirements:
7.0 thru 20.0 –
21.0 thru 30.0 –
TDX ’20 “Do More with Less” session –

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